Thursday, 2 February 2012

Cold Spaghetti, cold spaghetti..

When you have a baby in the house you soon learn that everything has the potential to provide fun, especially if its Mummy's iPhone or Kindle when she nips to get a tissue to wipe a snotty nose. Seriously, I cannot turn my back for a second, and its set to get even more interesting, when the little man learns to walk.. He has learned to use things next to the sofa to get up onto it, eeekkk.

Today what was supposed to be a quiet lunchtime for a little boy with the flu, it turned into a messy session with cold spaghetti. It was everywhere, including on my back and in my hair when I leaned down to pick some off the floor. It cheered a poorly boy up, and used up the leftovers.

What do you do with leftover spaghetti in your house?

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